Monday, April 28, 2014

Book and Project to Save the Upstage Building Update

Much has happened since my last blog entry. It can all be seen in more detail on my books Facebook page entitled:  For Music's Sake Asbury Parks Upstage Club and green mermaid cafe.

The last 2 months has seen a resurgence of effort to preserve the building due to the current owner listing it for sale.

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Book Review in Hip Rock Magazine Online!

Finally! The book gets a review in something other than a Boss Related publication as a book about MUSIC, not just Bruce Springsteen. I am SO thrilled, thank you HIP ROCK for reading and reviewing my book! I hope you all enjoy it! Be sure and leave a comment here, and on my Facebook and Twitter accounts!!issue-8-special-feature/ckkv

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Oh, and I forgot to mention, that December was a super duper incredible month locally as it saw my first two local radio interviews. Much thanks to the morning shows on 101.3 BOB FM with Max Booker and Beth, and Terry Hunt on 92.9 SHOOTER FM. Great time had by all of us as we went thru the book and stories on air. I look forward to being back in the studio and to possibly talk to CMA album of the year winner Eric Church, about his new song "springsteen" and introduce him and welcome him to the "club". I hope to be on air with Dwayne Wells and Tammy on the local oldies 95.7 FM station, and numerous other regional Rock stations very very soon!

book review ....again...

AND since i completely saturated the blog today with new posts and tons of is the best lil bit of good news i have once case you missed it earlier in the posts... happy reading!

UP and coming events and news...

I never know when my next trip tp Jersey will be but I can only hope its ASAP. I still want to take ALL THREE kids simultaneously to the shore for a trip during the summer. And since it looks like i wont be at this years LOD concerts, I will be saving and planning for LOD 2014,15,16,17....etc... I am working to try to donate and help with Sandy relief as much as i possibly can thru cause supporting purchases and monetary donations. I hope you will too. There are a ton of different ways listed online. Please take a minute to give, and realize that its going to take years for things to return to normal and it is gonna take a LOT of donations to do so. I am still waiting for my chance to sit with Dave Marsh and talk about the book on his sirius radio show. And you can keep your eyes open for the issue of Backstreets(hopefully this very next one) to have a complete coverage and interview of the book and several of my favorite sneek peeks of the books layouts i sent over the backstreets guys. As usual I am tirelessly always looking for a tradtional publisher to adopt the book manuscript, as that would lead to a much larger exposure for the books history and hopefully a positive impact on the buildings future. Prospects are being followed up as i write. Another on my list of wants to dos, is an audio commentary with me and Upstage photographer and employee Jim Fainer, to offer in addition to the book. There are SO many cool stories left to tell and details to talk about regarding the making of this huge insanely beautiful book of photos. Being that I am in Texas,and Jim ISNT it might be a while. I DO have three kids ya know. LOL. Until then, I will be screaming about the history and the book at the top of my lungs, be sure you stay connected with the Facebook page and right here on for the next wonderful awesome crazy thing that is bounnnnnd to happen next. As Bruce says,(that i finally got to hear IN CONCERT!extra PERFECTION with a PERFECT CHERRY ON TOP!!!) "From Small things, BIG things one day come..." Love, Carrie

September 2012 Visit to the upstage building

Septemer also saw another visit with friends to the Upstage building. Its still in all its glory, and this time i got to introduce some very special people to it for the first time. Bill Chinnocks Son William, also and aspiring and talented musician, toured the club in awe with his mom Terry and all our other friends like Vini, Tinker, and Joe. Another first timer and tiny tot, besides my lil girl Mila, to get to step into the club was a small human we like to call Em. She was ready with guitar in hand, and decked out in her rocker girl outfit. I can only hope that if and when that building re opens as "the upstage" it provides a place for ones like EM and the rest of her generation a place to play and create as it did for those before. Lots of those photos are up on the books facebook page for you to see, and i guarantee you will CRY.

First book signing ever! Asbury Galleria, AP-NJ Sept 2012

My very first book signing ever went over with a bang, at the Asbury Galleria inside convention hall in Asbury Park,NJ. Held to coincide with the Asbury Angels ceremony on the Boardwalk,we SOLD OUT of books!!! I am so proud, and so humbled by everyone who came by to visit and get a copy. The trip was absolutely onw of the best ones i have ever had. I got to attend the Bruce show in Met Life Stadium(my first stadium concert ever). It was,to say the least, Perfect. The Estreet Lounge was jumpin! AND the best part was I finally got to meet and greet Eddie Manion, e-street sax player, that graciously contributed his story to my book so many years ago! That was wild! And he performed amazingly. Every concert performance i get to see never fails to zap my imagination into upstage where the screaming concert droves fall away and the clubs atmosphere fades in. I can only imagine that was what they all sounded like at the club, and imagine i do. Before the trip I worked feverishly to create three recreations of the Upstage Murals onto canvas to be on display at the book signing and ultimately be donated to the LOD 2013 auction to beneift Parkinsons Disease. They were shipped before i even left Texas to make sure they were there safe and sound for the signing. It was a big,and exciting, surprise to find out that a few days before i arrived the E-street staff borrowed numerous items from the Asbury Galleria to hang in the Boss's Dressing room, and took TWO of the three dayglo canvases with them! All were returned after I left to return to Tx, so only One was actually there as a backdrop for the signing, but that's perfectly ok with me. I hear that the Band really enjoyed them and the rest of the decor set up at the met life stadium dressing room. Photos from the book signing are up on the books Facebook page. A special treat was introducing my youngest lil potter girl, of barely 12 months, to the jersey shore, with my dad and i at her side, as she dug her toes into the shore and into sand in general for that matter for the very first time. The entire trip was just, PERFECT. I cant wait to go back.